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Do you have a system for continuous innovation without creating a burn out for your most valuable asset - your people?

The human part of innovation in growing enterprises is often overlooked. Especially with the latest trends in tech innovation such as implanting chips into your brain hoping to become a SuperHuman.

At HomoDeae we believe that the human part of innovation is relational in its nature. At its core it’s how we relate to ourselves, each other and our planet home. 

Our innovation is through synergistic, Stage 4 communities. We provide the unique kind of training and support mavericks need to rapidly grow the impact their teams are able to make.

Our mission is by 2025 to support 1,000 of these leaders who are bridging our current world to the future.

How do we do this? We train project managers in how to operate in Stage 4 (interdependence), and then how to build unstoppable, resilient, Stage 4 teams and communities that innovate to co-create better results with the same resources.

Why Stage 4? Stage 4 is the natural habitat of humanity in the future. It's a space where outliers are celebrated as the heroes of humanity that they are: the courageous few that dare to defy the status quo and trust in themselves rather than the powers that be.

Even these mavericks need support. And this is where we excel.

We are the facilitators and gatekeepers of next level communities that are interdependent oases in a desert of conformity and judgement.

Services for independent, forward-thinking leaders: High level, whatever-it-takes support to help you commence living at Stage 4, as well as to establish your own interdependent, highly effective teams to amplify your capacity to solve urgent planetary issues.

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Drop me a message on LinkedIn or send me an email: bakytgul@homodeae.com

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